Customer Testimonial

"Aladdin Light Lift started doing business with Sunshine Enterprises in 2006. Since the relationship began, Sunshine International has been instrumental in helping Aladdin Light Lift with product development and innovation. Sunshine International has assisted Aladdin Light Lift find quality products in today's global market. Sunshine's ability to develop and continually improve products is nothing short of amazing. With the quality control standards that are implemented by Sunshine, quality is never a concern. Sunshine has an excellent customer service team that is willing and ready to assist with any questions one may have. Sunshine has shown and unbelievable ability to deliver on time shipments time and time again. Sunshine International will be on the forefront of international business for years to come."

Matthew Barry
Aladdin Light Lift


"Very well done. Thank you for this report. It is a pleasure working with a company that takes the time and effort to add value to the product like this report. It makes my job much more comfortable knowing you care about quality as much or more as making the dollar. Please pass this on to anyone in your company that would like to know that this means a lot to me."

Larry Austin
Accessory Product Manager
Western Forms


Sunshine International has provided one of our most critical raw materials since the inception of our business in 2003. Their support has remained constant since our early days of shipping from a small garage, to our present position as a growing international distributor of a wide range of manufactured products. In the highly competitive automotive aftermarket, the product Sunshine produces for us earns countless kudos for quality. Sunshine's staff is attentive to detail, and always competently informs us of our order's status. Our product is provided in a short lead time at a reasonable price, and retains a near-zero defect rate.

For these reasons, Sunshine International ranks as our BEST supplier by a rather wide margin.
Alan Lindgren, President
Speed of Sound LLC

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