New Product Development

       We have the ability to develop current products or others that may not be in your product line.

       We can improve or redesign an existing product.

       Source product within our manufacturing or other qualified vendors.

       Compare the quality and price among the selected vendors.

       Negotiate and achieve payment terms with vendors which usually are the deposit plus the balance upon delivery.

       Avoid confusion and misunderstanding caused by culture and standard differences.
Engineering Support

       Compose manufacturing drawings for new products based on the samples or draft drawings.

       Assist in new product designs.

       Convert drawings to meet international manufacturing standards.

       Cost analysis for each product.

Quality Assurance System

       QC checkpoints for each product.

       On-site QC personnel to monitor the quality from raw materials, through production, to final packaging.

       Manage any quality opportunities during each production procedure.

       Final on-site inspection to follow QC checkpoints prior to loading.

Logistic Service management

       Production schedule for each order.

       Order tracking system on line.

       We find and evaluate the best ocean freight forwarders and negotiate the costs.

       We handle the U.S. customs clearance and arrange rails and trucking to the door.

Project Management

       Fully trained and highly experienced staff at our U.S. headquarters will manage the product completely starting with the manufacturing through the logistics of delivery, and the satisfaction following the delivery.

       We are a 24 hour operation, with our ability to communicate with our China offices on a round the clock basis. We succeed in clear communication which is required for a successful outsourcing execution.


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